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Hello, I do graphic and
web design for the arts.

web sites ~ brochures ~ business cards ~ press kits

Contact me today. I help creative people tame the web.

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Hi I'm Zornitsa. A Bulgarian designer, artist, mother and wife based in sunny Philadelphia.

I devote my time to art and to helping creative people and non for profit organizations navigate the digital world.

Do you spend tons of time making your own business cards and brochures, only to find out they look crappy at the end?

Did you start making your personal web site only to find that you never finished it, or no one is actually visiting it?

Are you overwhelmed with the idea of sending newsletters or having presence in social media?

I can help.

I love designing for both print and web and also offer coaching classes for artists in navigating the digiral world.

what we are working on right now:

  • Philadelphia Dance Projects - newsletters and web maintenance
  • Group Motion Dance Theater - documentary and web maintenance


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    Few words from Zornitsa:

    My name is Zornitsa.

    I'm here to help you present yourself in the digital and print world.

    You Are:

  • an artist or a creative person starting a new business in need of some guidance.

  • you spend tons of time making home made business cards and brochures, only to find out you spend tons of money and time and it still looks crappy.

  • started making a website you never finished and now your business/art making needs something bigger and better.

  • I can help.

    I make posters, brochures, business cards and digital creations. I create targeted e-mail campaigns, I put the word out with beautiful and targeted web sites. I make you look professional for all your perspective audience, clients, press and grant committees. I also teach workshops and seminars about using the web, perfect for teaching your staff on how to update and maintain your website or social media.

    I am also a dancer and choreographer and have first hand experience of the performance world.

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    When I don't dance, I geek out on code,

    watch lots of sci-fi shows, and yes, I sit at my desk at home and make your websites and promo materials look great.

    I strive to create beautiful and user-friendly design.

    I'm particularly good with layout (after all, I'm also a choreographer) and brilliant at giving advice. At least my husband says so. ;)

    I specialize in HTML/CSS, as well as WordPress integration, but if you are wondering what's the best route to go... email me.

    Lately, I've found myself designing books about dance and teaching workshops for performing artists on how to create their own personal website. I also just made my first Multi - Lingual web site. If you are interested in lessons, I'm available for that...again just e-mail me.

    If you are still reading and wondering...

    I'm Bulgarian. Yes, I speak perfect English and did my undergrad here in the U.S. after going to an American high school in Bulgaria. However, I am not a writer. I can make everything pretty and functional on your website, but please don't ask me to generate content. This would be your job.

    So, to sum it up:

    I do brochures, business cards, press kits, books, websites, newsletter campaigns and teach classes and tutorials.

    Did I mention...

    I have super reasonable prices. Don't think though that you can get a web site for a hundred bucks. For that I can give you advice how to make your own amateur site well and possibly update a few links.

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    So, how much does it cost?

    There is no way to give you a solid answer to that. It depends on what you want and how much time its going to take. Once we talk, then I'll make you a design brief with estimates. Just e-mail me and we'll take it from there. In the meantime here is a little guide graph.


    Keeping in touch

    About once a month (lately even more rarely) I send out a newsletter with lots of cool links of tutorials and web tools for free-lancers of all kind. Sign in my newsletter below in the footer to receive those updates and some seasonal specials I offer. If you don't want to receive a newsletter, I send cool links through facebook and twitter as well.

    ok, hit me at

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